Basque Stage Candidate

To my surprise and shock after applying for the BasqueStage at the famous 3 star michelin restaurant Martin Berasategui I was chosen as one of the top 30 to compete for one of two stage spots. This competition involves two videos, one presenting myself and why I should be chosen as one of the stages, and the second a cooking demo.

So here is my first BaseStage Candidate Video,

I have a lot I would to like to have said about myself but I felt the most important things for me to point out is my passion for food and cooking, along with an eagerness to learn everything I can from these guys over at Martin Berasategui. Shooting from Coney Island Beach felt just right and natural to display my passion for the things I love in life such as nature, food, and home.

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Spain ever since I took all those Spanish classes back in High school. My conversational Spanish is decent but definitely not refined or proper, something I feel can be worked on if I ever had the chance to visit Spain. Also I’ve always known that Spain has always had such a rich food culture I wish to be exposed to. If I am picked I would cook, eat, drink, read, and bike every minute I could in Spain.

I’ll soon be working on my cooking demo.Stay tuned.

I hope to hear good things from BasqueStage soon, and good luck to all my competition.

P.S. It was a very breezy and chilly day at Coney Island Beach, and thankfully my best friend was there to help shoot this video(he used some shielding technique to protect his IPhone from catching too much sound from the wind, it worked like a charm)


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