BasqueStage Candidate Post

Well it was quite a fun day at work today. It was great training my new partner on the entremet station. He did just fine and will go solo tomorrow afternoon without me there. I’m confident he will do well.

I rushed home to get working on this project, but I decided to head to the beach first  and collect some lucky rocks for my team for tonight’s Momofuku Oyster Shuck Off! I’m back and I’ve got the rocks! So as soon as I finish this post I’ll be heading back into the city to compete with our sister restaurants in this exciting shuck off.(Picture of the-Oyster trophy)

So here is what yall have been waiting for! My “BasqueStage Candidate Post” where I prepare a modern take on Salted Fish Fried Rice. After being picked as one of the top 30 for round 2 of the BasqueStage I had my heart set on making fried rice(second thing I learned to cook after eggs), but couldn’t figure how to jazz it up . The idea came to me literally the only day I had time to work on the project (I work 6 days, leaving me 1 day to work on this). So I was sitting in my room giving myself an hour to plan. My mother walked into my room and insisted on me having some lunch before I left. Low and behold she placed a bowl of salted fish fried rice in front of my face. The idea to turn a classic comfort dish into something new struck a spark in my head. I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it. We had some cod salted and drying in our walk in, some trout to work with, and a delicious fish and rice dish a co worker made the other day. Things started to fall into place in my mind. I hopped on the subway and rode for an hour into the city, thinking about how i was to execute and plate the dish.

So here is fried rice in a simplified explanation. Normally I would make this dish by first cooking rice, DRYING it, and then frying it in oil with scallions, garlic, and ginger. Then saute some salted fish and combine that with the rice. Next the rice and fish would be seasoned with some soy sauce and sugar. Lastly the final technique is to make a well in the middle of the pan of rice and scramble an egg and then to mix it all together with the rice. Boom and that is fried rice simplified.

So here are the ingredients for my modern take on the dish and the method of prep from left to right.

Scallion julienne, Ginger julienne, Chili threads, Garlic Chives julienne.









Egg Yolks warmed in Sesame Seed Oil.





White Rice, Black Rice, Wakame, sweated in canola oil, steamed in dashi till al dente. Cool and place rice in plastic wrapped bowl then cover with plastic wrap and press another bowl on top, place in cooler till set.









Bacalao, steamed, and then pan fried in oil. Constantly stir  and break apart until golden, fluffy, and crispy. Season with sugar.

                                              Trout marinated in fish sauce and sugar.
Lastly to assemble the dish I begin by frying the molded rice in oil at 350 degrees Faranheit till crispy. Remove it and dry on a rack. Next I will rinse the trout and dry it with paper towels. Oil the skin of the trout and place on hot grill, mark and remove onto sizzle tray and let it carry over. Then take the rice bowl and place it on a dish, spoon an egg yolk into the center and garnish with the fried bacalao. On top of the yolk place a piece of the grilled trout and garnish with the salad of ginger, scallion, garlic chives, and chili thread. Lastly heat up oil almost till smoking and spoon it over the salad to fry it.
Voila. Bacalao Fried Rice. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you.
PS. Here is a blooper video of an attempt to film the creation of this dish. Funny video intro idea offered by my sous chef.

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